Silver Candy Dish, Restauration Period.
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Silver Candy Dish, Restauration Period.
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Lightly tapered candy dish in silver and crystal. The rim is ornamented with an openwork geometric frieze, and the paunch features a sculpted silver balustrade vase and two birds standing facing each other on either side of the vase. The birds are eating from the grape vines that are spilling out from the vase. The dish’s two handles are decorated with dog’s heads with balls in their mouths, framing the composition. The lid is topped with stylized palm branches that form a circle to serve as a handle. The base of the dish is decorated with a frieze of stylized palmettes and rests on four clawed feet.
Weight: 14.7 oz (416 g)
H: 9.8 in (25 cm) / W: 7.5 in (19 cm)
Silver marks:
Guarantee mark: Ceres head (1819-1838)
Title mark: Michelangelo head (1819-1838).
Reinspection mark: Minerva head
Master silversmith mark: OB (shield) Bougeois or Bourguoin imprinted in 1819
Restauration period. Circa 1820-1830.
Price: 2500€

Silver Candy Dish, Restauration Period.