Exceptional Gold and enamel snuff-box.
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Exceptional Gold and enamel snuff-box.
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Exceptional snuff box in gold and rectangular enamel with cut sides. The hinged lid is decorated with a scene representing a lake landscape animated by characters. A carriage with two horses led by a man approaches on the right of the composition. On the left, a group sits including a nursing woman and figures. In the background, a city appears, and a castle on a cliff overlooks the composition. The periphery is decorated with a frieze of blue palm leaves on a gold background. The box is decorated with repeating patterns of stars on a blue background and underlined with a frieze of black foliage and in the corners patterns of foliage patterns enhanced with black enamel.
JFT hallmark. Foreign mark and recent mark for the Netherlands 1859-1893
Swiss or German work from the end of the 18th century.
Weight: 4.in. (116 .
L: 3.3in. (8.5cm) / l: 2.4in. (6.3cm) / H: 0.5in. (1.5 cm).
This snuffbox is very influenced by the art of the Jordan or Theremin brothers.
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Exceptional Gold and enamel snuff-box.