Early 19th century Gold box.
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Early 19th century Gold box.
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A rectangular gold box with green, yellow and pink gold. The hinged lid is decorated with a central medallion with two doves above an altar on which two hearts burn. The doves, symbol of love and Venus in particular, are placed on a matt golden background. The medallion is framed with parallel stripes and dots. The edge of the lid is enhanced with floral friezes and other crimped half pearls. The edge of the box is decorated with parallel stripes and semi dots.The background is in polished gold.
Inscription inside the lid "Christmas 1918".
Weight: 1.55 oz (50g).
L: 2.1in. (5.5 cm) / W: 1.1in. (3.5 cm) / H: 0.39in. (1 cm).
18-carat gold marks. Eagle heads.
Mark of goldsmith.Emile Patou.
19th-century work in Louis XVI style.
Price: 5200 €
REF: 6088

Early 19th century Gold box.