Louis XV important gold secret box.
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Louis XV important gold secret box. <Louis XV period.
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Large oval snuffbox in multi-tone gold. The hinged lid is decorated with a wave guilloche pattern and green gold interlacing around the edge. The lid has a double secret bottom on the reverse.  The side is decorated with guilloche wave panels alternating with geometric and shell motifs. The back decoration has the same wave and shell motifs.
This important snuffbox is characteristic of the neoclassical style which appeared at the end of the 18th century, breaking with the asymmetrical and rich ornamentation of the rocaille style. This box, with its geometrical decoration and its cleverly studied play of light, belongs to the neoclassicism.
The secret compartment probably allowed to slip in a lock of hair of the loved one.
Worn from use.
Weight: 168g
L: 3.03in. (7,7 cm) / W:2.51in. ( 6,4 cm) / H: 1.49in. (3,8 cm).
18th century gold marks:
Charge mark: Julien Alaterre (1768-1775)
Garantee mark: P crowned: (1768-1769).
Helmeted angel. (1781-1783).
Goldsmith: EH illegible
Louis XV period.
Price: 34000€

Louis XV important gold secret box.