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A Louis XV gold knotting shuttle


Era: Louis XV.
Material: gold.
Weight: 72g.
Dim: L 13.2 cm / D 3 cm / H 4 cm.
Charge mark: : Eloy Brichard (1762-1768)
Jurande mark: date letter crowned A
Discharge mark: shell.
Goldsmith: illegible.



Additional information

A varicoloured gold shuttle comprising two plaques with pierced borders. The shuttle has an openwork and chiseled decoration and three "rocaille " medallions. The medallions centered on either side of the shuttle are decorated with a trophy motif with a depict bagpipes, and a quiver of arrows with a torch, and gardener’s tools set against an amati gold background. The other medallions have a floral decoration in gold in several tones on amati background. These patterns are framed by interlacing borders to.The intricately sculpted grill on the interior serves to hold the thread when work is stopped. This spool was used as a lace-making tool, allowing its user to create knotted lace and bands of trimmings for decorative objects such as pillows, as well as for clothing. A famous painting by Louis Tocqué titled Madame Dangé faisant des nœuds (1753, Louvre, Paris), shows the execution of this art. An identical shuttle is on display in the Wallace collection in London. Circa 1760-1770
Bibliography: The Wallace collection,Catalogue of gold boxes,by Charles Truman


A Louis XV gold knotting shuttle



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