Louis XVI Candy box in gold.
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Louis XVI Candy box in gold.
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Candy box in green varnish and gold frame. The inside of the box is fully lined with tortoiseshell. The removable cover presents a decoration of Roman ruins, arches with Doric columns, invaded by vegetation. In the background, a statue of Venus appears. The frame is finely decorated with gold pearls and twisted elements. Weight: 2.5oz (71.2 g)
D: 1.9in. (5 cm) / H 0.9in. (2.3 cm)
Gold marks:
Angel head (1781-1783).
Goldsmith: PDC for Pierre Denis Chaumont. Received master in 1777-1793.
Louis XVI period work.
A small slit at the level of the box.
Price: 6500 €

Louis XVI Candy box in gold.