Gold and Enamel watch, Viennese Craftsmanship

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Gold and Enamel watch, Viennese Craftsmanship


Era: 19th century.
Materials: gold, enamel.
Dim: H 8,2 cm/ W 3 cm/ D 1,0 cm.
Austrian dog’s head in a hexagon, 1860.
Master goldsmith: J.W, possibly for Jakob Wasserberger.


Additional information

Chatelaine in gold and enamel with watch. The chatelaine is ornamented with three painted medallions in monochrome pink and features cupids. These medallions are linked by S-shaped motifs in red and green enamel. The largest medallion is decorated with a mythological scene featuring Venus surrounded by nymphs as she strings Cupid’s bow. The scene on the reverse side is decorated with Cupid’s chariot that is being pulled by nymphs. The medallion opens as a locket, with room to insert a small watch. A pin allows for this chatelaine to be worn as a brooch. Work from the second half of the 19th century. Circa 1860-1870.



Gold and Enamel watch, Viennese Craftsmanship



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