Bohemian ruby-overlay beaker with erotic medallion

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Bohemian ruby-overlay beaker with erotic medallion


Era: 19th century. 
Materials: Bohemian crystal.
Dim (in): H: 5.1 in / D: 3.5 in / Base: 2.8 in.
Dim (cm): H: 13 cm / D: 9 cm / Base: 7 cm.


Additional information

Drinking glass with an erotic scene in Bohemian crystal. This cup with a pedestal foot is composed of crystal overlaid with maroon-colored glass that is intricately engraved to reveal the translucent crystal underneath. Thin bands of gold encircle the rim and base of the glass. The translucent crystal features an erotic scene of a soldier wearing a backpack and pushing a wheelbarrow that is carrying his inordinately large, engorged member. A woman is greeting him with her skirt raised. An engraved inscription reads: Der Krieg ist aus ich komm nach Haus (the war is over, I’m coming home). The back of the glass overlay reveals an intricate floral frieze motif. Bohemian craftsmanship from the second half of the 19th century. Circa 1860-1870.


Bohemian ruby-overlay beaker with erotic medallion



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