Large miniature on ivory, late 18th century

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Ref: 8119

Large miniature on ivory, late 18th century


Era: late 18th century.
Materials: ivory, gilt bronze.
Dim (miniature): H 3.6 in (9,2 cm) / W 3 in (7,5 cm).
Dim (frame): H 6.5 in (16,5 cm) / W 4.9 in (12,5 cm).


Additional information

Large oval miniature featuring a portrait of a seated woman. Her profiled face is turned toward a winged cupid seated on her lap. She is wearing a flowing tunic that leaves one of her shoulders bare. She is leaning against a ship’s anchor. The group is in front of a landscape background. The painting is a representation of Hope, the young woman, and Love, taking an arrow from his quiver. This theme underscores the sentimental value of the painting. The lighter colors of the painting are done with broader brush strokes and the shadows are done with small brown points. The miniature is set in a gilt bronze frame that is intricately sculpted with geometric patterns and topped with a bow.


Large miniature on ivory, late 18th century



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