Diadem combs with coral, First Empire

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Diadem combs with coral, First Empire


Era: first Empire.
Materials: gold and silver-plated metal, coral.
Dim (large comb): H 10,5 cm / L 10 cm.
Dim (small comb): H 5.2 cm / L 5 cm.


Additional information

First Empire Set of combs in gilded metal. The largest composed of nine claws and rows of coral and faceted coral beads. An elegant work of filigree forming windings encloses the different rows of pearls. The other comb, smaller to nine claws resumes the same work. Gold and silver-plated metal on the headband.

It was at the beginning of the 19th century that we witness the revival of these ornaments of hair. These diadem combs are composed of a comb and a removable headband, decorated with faceted coral beads. The first curve was on the front of the head from where his name combs tiara and the second smaller one allowed to retain the chignon. Most often, the headband was removable and allowed to modify it according to the dress worn. "A great fancy reigned over the manner of wearing the combs. They could crown the chignon on the top of the head, put themselves at the back of the headdress or be placed leaning right or left to hold the curls "as the portrait of Joséphine de Beauharnais de F. Massot kept in the Malmaison.

Bibliography: Bijoux des deux Empire : mode et sentiment. 1804-1870. Claudette Joannis. Somogy editions d’art. 2004


Diadem combs with coral, First Empire



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