19th Century Silver and cut crystal candy dish

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19th Century Silver and cut crystal candy dish


Era: 19th century.
Materials: crystal, silver.
Dim: H 11.4in.(29 cm)/ D 5.1in. (13 cm).
Weight: 23.6oz. (670 g).
Foreign silver hallmark.


Additional information

A candy dush in silver and blown crystal cut in oves and cut known as "diamond point". The candy dish is decorated with antique motifs representing deities: on one side, Poseidon emerging from the wave trident by hand, on the other side Hermes god of thieves and commerce holding in his hands his attributes the purse and the caduceus. Two handles in the round adorn this exceptional silver dish. These handles represent two men in Roman and armored costume, arms outstretched supporting a strap. The removable cover is decorated with oval patterns and the young Bacchus, hand cut in the round. The silver dish is finely chiseled with palmette patterns and rests on an openwork quadrangular base resting on four lion feet. The cover is monogrammed. Foreign work from the first half of the 19th century.



19th Century Silver and cut crystal candy dish



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