Louis-Philippe pendant "Souvenir" with miniature on ivory

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Louis-Philippe pendant "Souvenir" with miniature on ivory


Era: Louis-Philippe.
Dim: W: 1,7 in – D: ,4in – H: 2in.
Dim: H 5 cm/ L 4,3 cm/ P 0,9cm.
Gold 18 carats.



Additional information

Pendant adorned with a mother-of-pearl medallion featuring a miniature portrait of a romantic-looking young man on a light pink background, edged with pearls. On the reverse, strands of spiky hair, linked by fine pearls, are arranged around the initials "AD". Circa 1840.
Jewelry miniatures were a great success throughout the 19th century and throughout Europe. Beyond their political significance, miniature portraits had a private character. Gold boxes, brooches, bracelets and pendants often featured portraits, surrounded by diamonds, of a husband or wife and their children. Women also wore portraits of their loved ones, particularly those who had perished in war. Personal friendships, love affairs, weddings and births were all occasions to offer miniature portraits mounted as jewels, which also sometimes contained a few strands of the depicted person's hair. Frame designs varied. There were symbolic motifs such as snakes or ivy, and others purely ornamental such as pearls, garlands of flowers, acanthus leaves, ribbons or rolled leather. These motifs, generally in chased gold, were enamelled and enhanced with precious stones.
Bibliographie : Diana Scarisbrick, Bijoux à portrait. Camées, médailles et miniatures des Médicis aux Romanov, Thames & Hudson, 2011, pp. 260-289.


Louis-Philippe pendant "Souvenir" with miniature on ivory



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