19th Century Silver chatelaine with pearls

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19th Century Silver chatelaine with pearls


Era: Mid-19th century.
Materials: silver, pearl.
Dim: H 5.5 in with watch / 4.3 in without watch.
Weight: 2 oz with the watch.
Watch diameter: 1.2 in
Silver Mark: Boar head from 1838.



Additional information

Silver chatelaine inlaid with pearls and composed of three sections. The upper portion features a belt hook decorated with a miniature showing two cupids set in a frame topped by a crown and embellished with pearls. Three decorative chains connect the upper medallion to a central medallion that has another miniature featuring a cupid holding a wreath of flowers. The piece supports watch whose casing is decorated with an intricate latticework motif and also has a miniature of a cupid releasing a dove from a cage. The entire piece is highlighted with pearls. French craftsmanship.


19th Century Silver chatelaine with pearls



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