Travelling toilet set by Lionel Alfred Crichton, London 1917

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Travelling toilet set by Lionel Alfred Crichton, London 1917


Era: early XX century.
Materials: silver gilt, velvet.
Weighable silver: 5110 gr.
Maker's mark "LAC" for Lionel Alfred Crichton.
Lion's passant guardant,1916-1933.
Town mark : leopard's head for London.
Date letter "b" for 1917.


Additional information

George V silver-gilt travelling toilet set comprising an oblong tray, a large jewel box with detachable velvet lining, two hair brushes, two clothes brushes (one of which made of silk), a comb and a hand mirror, all contained in a fitted red leather covered case.
The border of each piece is chased with strapwork on a matted ground, engraved with an early 18th century style cartouche surrounding a vacant shield. The rich and delicate decoration is composed of naturalistic plants and animal motifs. The jewel box and tray are beautifully embellished with grotesque in Renaissance style, depicting mascaron, animals and foliated scrolls, in a fantastic architectural setting. Hallmarked "CRICHTON BROS LONDON & NEW YORK", along with several English silver marks.
Dim. case: L:67cm, P:43cm, H:17cm.
Dim. jewel box: L:33,5cm, P:25cm, H:10cm.
Dim. tray: L:45cm, P:34cm.
Dim. mirror: L:9cm, H:25,5cm.
Dim. hair brushes: L:11,3cm, H:27,5cm.
Dim. clothes brushes: L:7cm, H:21cm.
Crichton Brothers is an English retail silversmiths and dealers, active at the end of the 19th century and during the first half of the 20th century, specializing in antique silver and fine-quality reproduction silver. Crichton Brothers was founded by Lionel Alfred Crichton at 29 Church Street, Kensington. It had branches also in New York and Chicago.



Travelling toilet set by Lionel Alfred Crichton, London 1917



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