Louis XVI Gold snuff box, Nicolas Marguerit

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Louis XVI Gold snuff box, Nicolas Marguerit


Era: Louis XVI period.
Materials: gold
Dim: L 6,2 cm/ W 4,7 cm/ H 2,5 cm.
Dim: L 2,44 in/ W 1,85 in/ H 0,98 in.
Weight: 77 gr.
Master goldsmith: Nicolas Marguerit.
Charge mark: Jean Basptiste Fouache 1775-1781.
Guarantee mark: Letter P with crown, 1778.
Release mark: monkey head,1775-1781.


Additional information

Oval snuff box in three tones of gold. The hinged lid is decorated with an intricate scale pattern surrounded by a frieze of roses, ribbons, and pink, green and white gold leaves. The side of the box features four panels with the same scale pattern. They are separated by Corinthian columns. The base of the box is ringed with a frieze of stylized laurels.This snuff box is characteristic of the neoclassic style that appeared at the end of the 18th century, which was a break for the rich and asymmetrical Rocaille style that preceded it. This snuff box, with its decorative columns and laurels, fits neatly within the neoclassic style. 
Master goldsmith Nicolas Marguerit was an apprentice until 1751 and earned his Master’s status on 17 January 1763. He was active until 1790.


Louis XVI Gold snuff box, Nicolas Marguerit



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