Mother of pearl reliquary crucifix on olive wood.

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Mother of pearl reliquary crucifix on olive wood.


Era: Early 20th century.
Materials: mother of pearl, wood.
Dim: H: 37 cm/ L: 19 cm.


Additional information

The crucifix is entirely inlaid with white and coloured mother-of-pearl and finely chiselled.The central part of the cross is marked by a red cloth relic crowned with the word "Sapolcro", which is itself surrounded by a wreath of extremely finely veined leaves. At the four corners of the cross, angels form a circle like a halo; the ends of the branches are delimited by quarter-circles reminiscent of apsidioles. Four medallions represent the four evangelists Mark John Luke Matthew with their respective symbols which are the lion, the eagle, the bull and the angel.This superb cross is continued at the bottom by the receptacle of the holy water font surrounded by a crescent moon symbol of the Immaculate Conception, which has seven holes on either side of a floral motif, a symbolic number in the Bible. A blue inscription 'ASPERGES ME HYSSOYDABOR' as well as sculpted plant motifs and a Greek cross adorn this container. Above, on a squared background, the crown of Christ, the nails and the dice recall the instruments of the Passion, as well as the relic in red fabric evoking the red garment worn by Christ. On the back support in olive wood is written Jerusalem.
In good general condition. Small lacks; probable adjustments in the sucession of the mother-of-pearl plates for "asparagus dominates me hyssopo and mundabor".
Price: 1800€



Mother of pearl reliquary crucifix on olive wood.



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