Pair of garden planters signed Jacob Petit

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Pair of garden planters signed Jacob Petit


Era: Mid 19th century.
Materials: Porcelaine.
Dim: H: 16,5 cm/ D: 15 cm/ W: 15 cm.
Creator: Jacob Petit.



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Resting on a hexagonal base with four lion-headed feet topped with a shell, the six-sided bowl widens at the top to form a scrolled volute composed of acanthus leaves and shells, all enhanced by gold pastilles. The four main sides are green and centred on medallions representing shimmering flowers. The four main sides are green, with medallions of brightly coloured flowers in the centre, and a semi-circle of gilded branches reinforces the contrast between the gold and the background colour. JP mark in blue under glaze.
Jacob Mardochée, known as Petit (1796-1865) began by studying painting in Gros's studio, before travelling extensively to Italy, Switzerland, Germany and England, where he settled for several years and studied various industries while painting theatre sets. On his return to France, around 1830, he published a collection of interior decorations comprising one hundred plates with models of vases, furniture, goldsmiths' and silversmiths' pieces and woodwork, in which previous styles were explored, with a preference for Antiquity and the Gothic style. After a short stay at Sèvres, he set up a small workshop in Belleville, then acquired Baruch Weil's porcelain factory in Fontainebleau, which he moved to Avon a few years later. It was one of the most famous porcelain manufacturers of the 1830s-1860s, and owed its reputation to its choice of rocaille shapes inspired by Saxon porcelain. The style of this highly eclectic porcelain manufacturer is characterised by the accumulation of elements from earlier styles. Troubadour Gothic, Renaissance, Neoclassical, Rocaille and Far Eastern styles can be found alone or in combination. Contoured forms, vivid polychromy and an abundance of decorative elements contrast with the sobriety inspired by Antiquity. Criticised or admired in their time, Jacob Petit's work was imitated by many manufacturers. Authentic pieces bear his "JP" mark in blue or embossed.


Pair of garden planters signed Jacob Petit



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