Sculpture Baccante "Nude Woman", 19th century

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Sculpture Baccante "Nude Woman", 19th century


Era: 19th century.
Material: patinated bronze.
Dim: W: 22 cm/ D: 16 cm/ H: 11 cm.


Additional information

A sculpture in patinated bronze depicting a nude woman, lying on her draped garment  which covers the pillow. In a reclining position, with her hand behind her neck, she appears to be in a state of floating, even drunkenness. Bell bracelets adorn her arms. A cup, ewer and garlands of vine branches surround the female subject, confirming that we are in the presence of a bacchante.
In the Greek and Roman world, bacchanals were celebrations linked to the Dionysian mysteries in honor of the god Bacchus, or Dionysus for the Greeks, during which people drank to excess. The priestesses who organized these ceremonies were called Bacchantes. Primitive celebrations were exclusively feminine and derived from the original cult of the god Pan. This theme has been abundantly represented in sculpture and painting over the centuries.


Sculpture Baccante "Nude Woman", 19th century



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