Neo-Gothic Cathedral clock, 19th century

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Neo-Gothic Cathedral clock, 19th century


Era: first 19th century.
Materials: gilt and patinated bronze.
Dim: H 52,5 cm/ W 23 cm / D 13 cm.


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Cathedral clock in gilt and patinated bronze. It depicts a woman in a long dress seated beneath the portal of a cathedral, using the neo-Gothic vocabulary of ogives, foliage, poly-lobed motifs and pinnacles. Four columns with capitals decorated with foliage support the vault, which encloses the finely chiselled dial in a rose window. It consists of twelve cartouches showing the hours in Roman numerals. The seated lady, wearing a frontal tiara, a crown of flowers and a pearl necklace holding a cross, is thoughtfully leafing out a daisy. Behind her, a beautiful pendulum with Neo-Gothic ornamentation. The whole rests on a stepped base decorated with openwork festoons and raised by four feet carved with pointed arch motifs. Broccot suspension movement in working order. French work from the first half of the 19th century.


Neo-Gothic Cathedral clock, 19th century



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