Porcelain-mounted gilded bronze. Napoleon III
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Porcelain-mounted gilded bronze. 
Napoleon III
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Substantial porcelain pedestal bowl embellished with white medallions set on a sky blue background. On one side of the bowl, the medallion is decorated with a pastoral scene depicting a courting couple, and on the other side, the medallion displays a bouquet of flowers. The medallions are framed in gold foliage, and the inside of the bowl is embellished with multicolored bouquets of flowers on a white background. The bowl is set in a rich gilt bronze mounting which features a rim of openwork foliage and sculpted flower and foliage handles. The bowl is supported by three young satyrs who are sitting on tree stumps and who are linked to each other by garlands. The set rests on an openwork tripod base adorned with a frieze of heart-shaped flowers.
Dim: L: 19.7 in W: 15 in, H: 16.1 in
Period: Napoleon III. Circa 1860-1870.
Price: 10500€

Porcelain-mounted gilded bronze. Napoleon III