Louis XVI gold box.
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Louis XVI gold box.
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Oval box or snuffbox in gold of several tones. The snuffbox is adorned with a guilloche pattern with parallel stripes and dots on the lid, side and ground. The border is decorated with a stylized laurel wreath frieze on amati background. The box has an alternation of guilloche panels and leafy and stylized patterns.
Weight: 2.96oz (84g)
L: 2.55in. (6.5) / W: 1.81in. (4.6 cm) / H: 0.78in. (2 cm).
Gold marks
Jurande mark: Henri Clavel (1781-1783)
Charging hallmark: P crowned. 1784-1788
Goldsmith Joseph-André Bologniel-Presidant, received in 1778. (1778-1793) Discharge mark: 1783-1789 vanneau head.
Eagle head 18K.
Louis XVI period. Circa 1780-1790
Price: 9500 €
REF: 4847
Traces of wear on the cover.

Louis XVI gold box.