19th century Viennese enamel clock.
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19th century Viennese enamel clock.
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A small and rectangular  gilded clock resting on 4 feet with lion's feet. The body of the clock is decorated with two panels painted with enamel and representing mythological scenes. These main scenes are framed by a fine work of grotesques, scrolls and tritons cloisonné enamel. On the sides, small niches framed by small columns welcome small enamelled sculptures.  A circular dial adorned with putti overcomes the whole. His entourage resumes the fine work of enamel cloisonné and translucent imitating precious gems.
Viennese artists follow the tradition of Swiss enamels and perfect this art. They alternate with virtuosity the different techniques of enamel: enamel paint, low-size enamel and low-size on a reserved background, cloisonné enamel.
Dim: W: 7,5cm, W: 4,5cm, H: 16,5cm.
Dim: L: 3 in, W: 1.8 in, H: 6.5 in
Viennese work from the second half of the 19th century.
Price: 7400€

19th century Viennese enamel clock.